Welcome To Short Thoughts

I know that I've been very quiet on my website this year, despite relaunching it last year with a brand new design. One of the reasons is that I had originally designed the information structure of this site to cater for the type of content that I'd written on my old site, which was primarily long form content.

The problem is, I'm quite busy and so I don't often get time to write long form content, which means I didn't have much to write on this site. This new section of my site intends to fix that. This new blog on my site is designed to host short form content: Quick thoughts about various different topics from time to time. It's for thoughts that don't require an in depth post written about them, but need a little bit more than a Tweet to publish the entire thought.

So here we go, hopefully I'll post on this part of my site at least a couple of times a month, if not more frequently than that. Thanks for reading and I'll be interested to hear your feedback on my short thoughts once I start publishing them.