5th December, 2015

Become A One Person DevOps Team With Visual Studio Team Services

This talk was one I presented at the DDDBrisbane 2015 conference about how I use Visual Studio Team Services to help me manage the DevOps processes of the team I work on. Technical difficulties on the day of the presentation meant my demos didn't work correctly, so I've re-recorded the presentation with working demos :)


28th July, 2015

Setting Up A Continuous Build Environment For Xamarin

This talk was about setting up a continuous build environment for Xamarin solutions. It details how to up a Jenkins server to build Xamarin apps and then details how to use the new 'Build.vNext' technology on Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server 2015 to build Xamarin apps.

This was the first public talk that I've given. There is no screen capture available for this talk, but detailed blog posts about these topics are available.

Part 1 - Jenkins

Part 2 - Build.vNext

Banner image (modified): © Johannes Jansson / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.5 DK